OmegaVac Vacuum Products offering vacuum pump repair service, products and equipment to help in managing your facility.
Hamilton vacuum pump repair service in California
Industrial vacuum pump repair service in Southern California, Los Angeles Area

OmegaVac Vacuum Products provides repair of the Hamilton H-Series Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump and Booster Line. Additionally we repair Stokes Rotary Piston Pumps, and Boosters, Edwards Rotary Piston, Rotary Vane and Boosters, including all other brands of Vacuum Pumps and Boosters currently manufactured.

We have been repairing Vacuum Pumps and Boosters for over 30 years and offer the wealth of that unparalleled experience to your company. Our Goal is to maintain your equipment cost effectively with affordable quality parts. Our timely service, exceptional pricing and 1 year warranty on all repair work will lower your cost of ownership. In many cases we are performing PM Program Maintenance where Maintenance Departments are currently understaffed. All pumps are helium leak tested to insure that pump specifications have been met and that no leaks can be detected by our instrumentation as a final test.

In addition to Pump and Booster Service we offer stocked spare parts for Hamilton Products, and Stokes products. This also includes the discontinued 148 Rotary Piston Pump, 306 and 310 Boosters. The spare parts for Stokes are identical to the Hamilton H-Series Pumps and Boosters so repairs are easily accomplished without having to increase your spare parts inventory. Further we stock all necessary vacuum pump and booster lubricants, exhaust filters, and elements in addition to oil purification systems.

OmegaVac provides Hamilton H-Series Vacuum Pumps and Boosters which are dimensionally identical to the Stokes line including Spare Parts. After OmegaVac assembles a Vacuum Pump or Booster we perform a helium leak test on all Hamilton H-Series Vacuum Pumps and Boosters that we sell. This same quality procedure is implemented on all remanufactured pumps and boosters that we complete.

All parts are manufactured under the guidance and Certification of ISO9001 Criteria to insure that the highest quality is achieved to support the 3 year warranty included on all new Hamilton H-Series Vacuum Pumps and Boosters.

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